Making A Mess

Making a mess

Conservatives like to claim they are good with your money. But they can’t claim that round here.

In this area the Conservatives are making a real mess of council finances:

  • The Ely bypass has gone £13 million over budget because they failed to take the ground conditions into account. (They didn’t realise the fens were boggy!?)
  • The Ely leisure centre is £400,000 over budget and hundreds of people are complaining about the poor quality facilities for families there.
  • The Conservatives set up a trading a company to take over rubbish collection, and had to set up a second company in a hurry because they’d made a mess of the first one.
  • They closed the catering service for schools because it wasn’t ‘profitable’ but this has cost schools even more money.
  • They’ve closed 19 children’s centres across the county, piling greater costs onto charities and voluntary organisations.

As if all this wasn’t bad enough, they decided to give themselves a 30% pay rise.


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