About Charlotte

I’ve lived in East Cambridgeshire for thirty years. It’s a place I love, and for whose residents I want the best. As a child, we moved home often with my Army father. My mother, a teacher, worked wherever he was posted. I read Ancient History & Archaeology at Birmingham, where my husband and I worked as field archaeologists. When interest rates hit 15% in 1990 we had to sell our home and I retrained with KPMG as a Chartered Accountant.

In 1994 a job with an arts charity brought us to Reach, where we live opposite Devil’s Dyke. Our two children were born in the Rosie and attended Swaffham Prior Primary, Bottisham Village College, and sixth forms in Cambridge.

As a teenager I wanted to end apartheid and protect the environment. I’m still campaigning for equality and fairness, while deaths from floods, droughts and heatwaves show why we must tackle climate change. I want to help rebuild our NHS, with GPs, dentists, district nurses, prompt hospital treatment, and high-quality care at home.

Ed Davey pictured with Charlotte Cane