ELy Folk Festival Parade

'Faceless bureaucrats' blamed by Ely Folk Festival for banning traditional Morris and molly procession through the city's market place

Ely Standard 30 June 2019


In response to the threat by East Cambs Markets not to allow the traditional parade through Ely Market Place, the Liberal Democrat Councillors wrote the following to the District Council expressing their concern that the 22 year old parade would not be able to go ahead.

In response, the District Council are now planning a meeting with the organisers to try and find a solution. 

"We are shocked that after 22 years a decision has been made to ban the Morris and Molly parade through Ely Market Place.

A number of us have attended the parade and understand that the parade does indeed cause a degree of disruption to the normal market. However, the disruption is minor and for under an hour.

We were astounded that the council received complaints about this event nearly a year ago and chose not to raise them until the Folk Festival submitted what they must have assumed was a routine request for the parade.

More than this, the number of people that the parade and Folk Festival bring into the City is significant and must be of benefit to the traders in the City, both the shops, pubs and restaurants, but also the market traders.

At a time when City Centres are in decline, surely activities which bring people into the City are the applauded rather than prevented?

It has been extremely disappointing that requests that the Markets Officer meet with the parade organisers and District Councillors to discuss the matter have so far been ignored.

Ely has an ancient and proud heritage, which can only be enhanced by such traditional events.

We call upon the Council to reconsider this, in the light of the benefits that are being brought to the City for what is only a small amount of disruption. For 22 years this event has happened, raising funds for charity.

Yours sincerely

Cllr Alison Whelan
Cllr Christine Whelan
Cllr Paola Trimarco
Cllr Matt Downey
Cllr Sue Austen
Cllr Lorna Dupre
Cllr Charlotte Cane
Cllr Mark Inskip
Cllr Victoria Charlesworth
Cllr Alec Jones
Cllr Simon Harries
Cllr Gareth Wilson
Cllr John Trapp

Cllr Dian Warman
Cllr Richard Morgan
Cllr K Wilkins

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