Lib Dem Council leads the way on protecting the environment

Sngle Use Plastic Cup

Liberal Democrat South Cambridgeshire is ahead of other councils in ending the use of single use plastics

South Cambs District Council has phased out single-use plastics within one year of the Lib Dems being elected.

The plan of action was approved at the first meeting of the Climate Change and Environment committee set up by the
Lib Dems when they charge of the council.

While all parties agreed on the aim, the crucial difference with other Conservative-run councils has been that the Lib
Dems brought in an action plan so that the target would actually be reached, something Conservative Councillors in
Ely have opposed.

Zero carbon emissions

South Cambs Council has recently agreed to become an area producing no carbon emissions by 2050, making it one
of only a handful of such councils in the country.

Making sure that new homes are energy efficient and that improved green transport options are provided will be crucial elements of the plan now being developed.

By contrast, the Conservatives in East Cambridgeshire have cut back on public transport and opposed moves to raise
the energy efficiency of new buildings.

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