East Cambs councillors refuse to endorse council trading company report


Well, that was interesting. Today’s meeting of East Cambridgeshire district council’s Shareholder Committee (the committee which represents the council’s interests in its own ‘East Cambs Trading Company’) was asked to recommend the company’s business plan to the full council – and refused to do so. Company directors were sent back to do some more homework, and a rewritten business plan will come to the next meeting of the Shareholder Committee.

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NHS hit by staff shortage

Lucy Nethsingha with NHS staff

The staff shortage in our NHS is getting even worse thanks to policies being pushed by the Conservative government.

There are currently around 100,000 vacancies in the NHS out of a total of more than one million employees.

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Financial Crisis at Shire Hall

Staff forced to take pay cut

shire hall in the snow

Cambridgeshire County Council has forced many of its staff to take three days of unpaid leave as it tries to stave off financial

The council, which has been led by the Conservatives for more than twenty years, has become notorious for failing to raise the income it needs to cover the cost of inflation.

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Lib Dem Council leads the way on protecting the evvironment

Sngle Use Plastic Cup

Liberal Democrat South Cambridgeshire is ahead of other councils in ending the use of single use plastics

South Cambs District Council has phased out single-use plastics within one year of the Lib Dems being elected.

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Call for more affordable homes

Chrstine Whelan at Barton Road development

“Where is the affordable housing that was promised?” asks Lib Dem Christine Whelan on Barton Road in Ely.

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Where are the services we need?

Developers allowed to build expensive houses, but East Cambs Council fails to ensure public services for residents

CHarlotte Cane and Lucy Nethsingha talking about lack of public services at bus stop

Villages across East Cambridgeshire are having to cope with extra houses but public transport has been cut back severely by the Conservative-run County Council. So existing traffic problems will get even worse.

”A different approach is badly needed,” say leading Lib Dem Lucy Nethsingha and local campaigner Charlotte Cane pictured in
Swaffham Prior.

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Through the roof

Spending rises out of control as Mayor Palmer grows his empire


The Cambridgeshire public are being forced to pay out millions to fund Mayor Palmer’s growing empire – despite his promise to
do the opposite.

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Brexitometer - Swaffham Bulbeck

On Saturday, East Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats were out at the Street Market in Swaffham Bulbeck. Led by Charlotte Cane and Connor Docwra, the Lib Dems asked local people what their view of Brexit currently is.

They ran out of little dots to record local people's views, but the verdict was clear.

Read on to find out that verdict ...

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Swerving the Potholes

Councillor Christine Whelan with Potholes

Councillor Christine Whelan contacted Cambs CC about the potholes across Ely

Our roads are bad – really bad. Potholes are popping up everywhere and it seems most roads are being affected. Of course, what you and I may think of as a pothole may not be what the Conservative County Council think of as a pothole!

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