Our Plan For Sutton

Lorna Dupre and Mark Inskip Candidates for Sutton

Lorna Dupre and Mark Inskip

Your Candidates for the Sutton Ward

Sutton, Mepal, Witcham and Wentworth need better services and facilities. More doctors, play and sports facilities, school places and public transport – not just new housing.

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East Cambridgeshire District Council Elections 2nd May 2019

Liberal Democrat Candidates for East Cambridgeshire District Council elections on May 2nd 2019

Our Candidates

We are delighted to announce our candidates for the elections to East Cambridgeshire District Council on Thursday 2 May.

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Lib Dem plan to boost city centre

Edge of town sites are hurting the City Centre

Empty Shops with Matt Downey

“An attractive city centre like ours could flourish if given the right help,” said city centre resident Matt Downey in front of one of
the empty shops.

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Ely residents demand more affordable homes

Kevin Wilkins and Christine Whelan


“East Cambs Council is shirking its responsibilities to local people,” says Kevin Wilkins of Market Street. “We badly need many more homes that local residents can afford to buy or rent.”

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A Lib Dem council would fix more potholes

Lib Dems would spend £2 million more on repairing roads

Matt Downey and Kevin Wilkins at Pothole

Above: “Our roads are in a terrible state”, say local campaigners Kevin Wilkins and Matt Downey. “The council should put money into fixing them not into building a new HQ.”

“Our roads badly need better maintenance,” say local Lib Dem campaigners Kevin Wilkins and Matt Downey.

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Twenty's Plenty Road Speed Sign

PROPOSALS ARE BEING DRAWN UP by Sutton Parish Council for a 20MPH speed limit along Church Lane, the High Street as
far as The Brook, and roads off including Pound Lane and part of Station Road.

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Brexit and our local councils


Unless something happens to stop it, in only 39 days the United Kingdom will leave the European Union with no deal.  So what has been happening at our local councils to prepare for the effects of leaving the EU with no arrangements in place?

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Chaos as East Cambs council set to abandon its own draft local plan

East Cambridgeshire District Council Offices


In breaking news this week, East Cambridgeshire district council has announced it is set to abandon its ill-fated draft local plan. The move follows the receipt by the council of the Planning Inspector’s list of the main modifications she wants to the plan before it can be accepted as ‘sound’.

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Can Lib Dems Emulate South Cambs Success?

Many people understandably assume rural Cambridgeshire is Conservative but elections in South Cambs last May saw years of Tory
rule brought to an abrupt end.

There the Lib Dems gained 20 seats from the Conservatives to take control of the council. Now in 2019 there will be equivalent elections in East Cambs District and the Conservatives seem to be worried by the Lib Dem threat.

bar chart showing votes cast in 2017 county council elections

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Ely City Centre Struggles as council plans bite

empty shop in ely city centre

One of several empty shops in central Ely which is suffering both from the general crisis on our high streets and from the effects
of council policies.

Ely City Centre is struggling thanks to wrong-headed planning policies, according to local campaigners.

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