Raking it in!

£100,000 a year:
  paid for by you

Mayor Palmer appoints fellow Soham Conservative to taxpayer-funded job

The Soham North & Isleham by-election has been caused because yet another East Cambs Conservative has secured a very well-paid job – a job paid for by local taxpayers.

In this election you can say enough is enough.

Mayor Palmer and his friends are raking it in at your expense!

Mayor Palmer                                         £75,000

ex-councillor Raynes                             £100,000

ex-councillor Hunt                                  £44,000

Nothing illegal has taken place but your taxes are being poured into their pockets.

Don’t forget!

Last year, while cutting public services across the county, Conservative Councillors voted themselves a huge pay rise of


It’s time to throw them out of office


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