Sutton Demands Better

Lorna Dupre and Mark Inskip - Your Lib Dem Candidates for Sutton


Protecting our villages

Lorna Dupre at development site

Our villages need protection from inappropriate developments as a result of the Conservative shambles over the Local Plan.

We need a proper Local Plan urgently so that developers can’t get away with building in unsuitable places, damaging our villages for decades.


Improving public transport

Lorna Dupre and Mark Inskip at a bus stop looking for missing busesWe need to make it possible for people who don’t own a car to live in our villages without feeling trapped.

The lack of public transport is a real problem that the Conservatives have made worse.


More affordable homes

Lorna Dupre and Doris Brenke at a building societu

Where are young families to live if the only homes being built in many of our villages are expensive ‘executive’ homes?

Other areas are much better than Conservative East Cambs at ensuring more homes are affordable.


“I want to make a strong difference for our communities"

Lorna Dupre“I want to work with Mark as a strong team, making a real difference for our communities and pressing for the facilities we need including affordable housing and public transport,” says local councillor Lorna Dupré.

Lorna has lived in Sutton for nearly ten years. She’s been a district councillor here for five years, and the county councillor for three years.

In that time she’s worked with residents in Sutton, Mepal, Witcham and Wentworth on a range of local issues including the Sutton Neighbourhood Plan, the project to reduce speed limits through Witcham, and road safety and traffic noise on the A142 at Mepal. She is also campaigning for action to stop heavy vehicles rat-running through local villages.

“I want to make our local area a better place to live”

Mark Inskip

“I want to make our local area a better place to live. Working with Lorna we can demand better for our villages.

“We need appropriate new development with more affordable homes, accompanied by improvements to local facilities and infrastructure,” said Mark. “We need to avoid speculative over-development which is threatening too many villages.”

Mark made Sutton his home when he moved here with his family after changing jobs. He joined the Parish Council in 2011 and has been Chairman for the last three years. He found there are limits to what could be done as a parish councillor and that’s why he is now looking to join Lorna on the district council.

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