Soham North Demands Better

Victoria Charlesworth and Alec Jones


Better services, not just houses

Victoria Charlewsorth at a school

We need more doctors and school places to go with all the new homes, not just acres of new housing with no facilities.

In Conservative hands, both the district and county councils have failed miserably to tackle this issue.


Improving public transportVictoria Charlewsorth and Alec Jones

We need to make it possible for people who don’t own a car to live in our town without feeling trapped.

The lack of public transport is a real problem that the Conservatives have made worse.


More affordable homes

Victoria Charlewsorth and Alec JonesWhere are young families to live if the only homes being built in our villages are expensive ‘executive’ homes?

Lib Dem South Cambs is much better than Conservative East Cambs at ensuring more homes are affordable and it is building 70 council houses a year as part of the answer.


“The council isn’t facing up to the pressures new housingVictoria Charlewsorth

“The community needs genuinely affordable housing that provides an environment where people can thrive,” says Soham resident Victoria Charlesworth.

“However, the large number of new houses will put terrible pressure on local services, such as school places, access to the town centre and even basic sewerage.”

“The current councils are overlooking these issues, with plans that threaten Soham’s common land and access to the town through Brewhouse Lane that isn’t safe or practical.”

“If I’m elected, I’ll stand up for local residents about these issues.”

“I want every child here to be able to go to a local school”

Alec Jones“Children in Soham need to be able to go to their local primary school, not forced across town,” says Soham resident Alec Jones.

“Soham is facing so many new housing developments and parents are understandably worried that their children will have to travel too far or will be forced into a different school from their brother or sister.”

“I want our local councils to do a better job providing the services local families need to go with all the new housing” said Alec who has lived locally for more than 40 years.

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