Our Plan For Haddenham

Greth Wilson Candidate for Haddenham

Gareth Wilson

Your Candidate for Haddenham and Aldreth

Our Plan For Haddenham

I love living in Haddenham and want to see everyone’s quality of life here protected and improved.

Haddenham faces daily problems from the large number of heavy goods vehicles that rumble through the village. What frustrates me most is that the Conservatives running the council refuse to do anything about it, when restrictions on lorries passing through the village could be brought in.

I’m worried too by the threat of inappropriate and speculative developments being forced on Haddenham and Aldreth now that the Conservatives have made such a mess of the Local Plan. Their mistakes could mean lots more housing but in precisely the wrong places.

The Conservatives running East Cambs have made a real mess of things and there badly needs to be a clear out at the council.

HGVs queuing through Haddenham

Gareth is a tireless campaigner to protect Haddenham from the stream of HCVs thundering through our village.

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