Our Plan for Fordham and Isleham

Connor Docwra and Rupert Moss-Eccardt - Lib Dem Candidates for Fordham & Isleham
Many years of Conservative incompetence in managing East Cambs’ planning has exposed Fordham and neighbouring villages to unsuitable developments.

The Conservatives failure to implement a working Local Plan has meant houses being built in the wrong places and little account being taken of the effects on our hopeless transport system.

The Conservatives running the Council have let developers have free rein across the district and our villages are suffering as a result. 

our plan

We want homes that are truly affordable, sustainable and planned properly along with the infrastructure to serve new and existing residents.

We need a new team in charge so that East Cambs’ planning system can get developments right and stop letting developers get away with everything.

It’s time for a clear out at the council.

All our villages need a planning system that ties up with the transport system so that we don’t force extra cars onto a road network that already can’t cope. 

Connor Docwra and Rupert Moss-Eccardt

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