Our Plan For Ely West

Christine Whelan, Sue Austen and Paola Trimarco Ely West Candidates

Christine Whelan, Sue Austen and Paola Trimarco

Your Candidates for Ely West

Our Plan For Ely West

Ely needs better services, more doctors and school places – not just new housing.

This area badly needs more homes that are affordable, so that young families can live locally and not have to move to Wisbech or Peterborough to find somewhere they can afford.

But with the housing we need the services that every family needs. People shouldn’t have to wait up to five weeks to see their doctor and we must always ensure that there are enough school places in Ely itself so that children can go to a local school within the city.

Christine Whelan and Paola Trimarco discussing parking on St Johns Road

The Conservatives running East Cambs have been making these problems worse, not better. Too many planning decisions favour developers rather than local residents and the Conservative shambles over the local plan will allow developers a field day.

There badly needs to be a clear out at the council.

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