A Lib Dem council would fix more potholes

Lib Dems would spend £2 million more on repairing roads

Matt Downey and Kevin Wilkins at Pothole

Above: “Our roads are in a terrible state”, say local campaigners Kevin Wilkins and Matt Downey. “The council should put money into fixing them not into building a new HQ.”

“Our roads badly need better maintenance,” say local Lib Dem campaigners Kevin Wilkins and Matt Downey.

“The County Council has the money to spend more on fixing our roads but the ruling Conservatives want to build a brand new council headquarters instead.”

The Conservative plan is to build a brand new HQ at a cost to taxpayers of more than £18 million.

The Lib Dems would scrap this and instead would invest an extra £2 million in repairs of roads, pavements and cycle paths and more than £3 million in much-needed maintenance of school buildings in this coming year.

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