Ely East Demands Better

Kevin Wilkins and Matt Downey - Your Ely East Lib Dem Candidates


More affordable homes

Matt Downey and Kevin Wilkins discussing the lack of affordable housing

Where are young families to live if the only homes being built in our villages are expensive ‘executive’ homes?

Other areas are much better than Conservative East Cambs at ensuring more homes are affordable.


Improving our city centre

Matt Downey outsde one of the empty shops in Ely City Centre

Our city centre has too many empty shops or charity shops – and council decisions are part of the problem.

We need a new development plan for the city to replace the hopeless previous one that dates back to before the boom in internet shopping.


Better public transport

Kevin Wilkins at bus stop looking for our missing buses

We badly need better rail and bus services to Cambridge to take the strain off the A10.

We need better buses and cycling routes around Ely, especially to the station. And we need to improve the A10 junctions not spend a billion pounds of taxpayers’ money on dualling the A10.


“Young people need somewhere they can afford”

Matt Downey“As a young person living in Ely I know how hard it is to find somewhere affordable to live,” says Matt Downey who lives in Waterside.

“Looking at the level of rent you have to pay, while knowing how much you might have to spend on public transport, it starts to feel like you need a small fortune.

“It shouldn’t be this way and it doesn’t have to be this way.

“The council can provide more affordable housing than it currently is. That’s what it needs to do, and that’s why I’m standing for council as a Liberal Democrat. So that young people and others with limited resources can actually find somewhere to live in our community.”

“We need to safeguard the future of our city centre”

“I love the historic centre of Ely,” says Market Street resident Kevin Wilkins. “But it needs better Kevin Wilkinscare than its getting from the council.”

“We have some wonderful independent and specialist shops and we need to help them thrive.”

Kevin, a fundraiser for academic reseach by profession, has lived in Cambridgeshire for 30 years and in Ely for the past seven.

“Many people in Ely have chosen to live here because it’s a lovely place. If our city is to continue to be attractive and successful we
need a new development plan for the city to replace the current one that dates back to before the growth of internet shopping.”

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