Eastern Gateway plans will damage our town

Anne Pallett and the local Lib Dems are working hard to get the current plans for the Eastern Gateway changed.

The developers’ proposals will add hundreds of houses to the town but won’t bring the benefits local people want to see. Too many of the houses will be unaffordable for local people.

“Local families need homes they can afford, hundreds of more houses that local people can’t afford is not what Soham needs,” says Anne.

Anne pictured above at the allotments on Kents Lane describing the plans for the proposed Eastern Gateway development.

Astonishingly, in Ely, the Conservatives have not included any genuinely affordable homes in their plans to redevelop the MoD site. The development proposals also do not protect Soham’s wonderful commons.

“I want to see our commons protected,” said Anne. “They are so important for Soham.”

Anne pictured above with the horses at Qua Fen Common.

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